The philosophy behind casinoslotsmania

”Our players are in our focus. Everything we do is high quality and ultimately value for our players! – Team casinoslotsmania.

About casinoslotsmania and online gambling

Our main task is that people feel safe when playing casino games on the net ..

casino slot mania has since its inception made great moments with. We entertain us with what we are doing, and are also very aware of acting in line with the core values that apply to the company's operations, both internally and externally. If we ourselves and each other accountable for to keep.

We demand. For ourselves, each other and especially to the responsibility that lies on our shoulders. We offer our players 100% timely and secure games and casinos - so there has to be value and weight behind the words we write. What we offer our players to play 100% safe? We need credible and at the cutting edge, because otherwise we are not worthy of your trust.

So ... You: should expect from us that we are serious in our work. We play!

The history of the Wild West that was tamed.

The story of casinoslotsmania goes back to summer 2000, when we started to begin playing casino on the Internet.

At that time, playing online casino, a bit like the Wild West. The player was not sure of getting the promised bonus, and far from sure of ever receiving any gain. At the same time it was the fledgling Internet filled with various offers of big bonuses from shady casinos and other banditte,, which were difficult to refuse.

Therefore we decided to create a site for their friends where they could find the game sites, both paid winnings and gave bonuses. So, the safe places to play casino games.

Casinoslotsmania grew steadily and more and more people became aware that casinoslotsmania continuously was updated with the latest bonuses and information about each game sites.

Today casinoslotsmania live in several languages around Europe while our main focus mainly Europe and beyond. We are behind casinoslotsmania, are dedicated and thorough, and you can be sure that the game sites we link to are 100% serious and safe. Over the years, casinoslotsmania notified hundreds of game sites – The best of these can be found on casinoslotsmanias casinolist.

We are approved by eCogra as being a trusting portal. This recognition, we have been awarded by a variety of criteria. Criteria to several of the biggest gaming sites in general are also subject.

By using casinoslotsmanias services, you get part of our almost 15 years of experience from gaming on the Internet so that you do not get into trouble when you play online.

The team behind casinoslotsmania counts John, Jeremy, Michael and Louisa and we are situated in Malta. Please feel free to send us an email if you have questions for us.

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Good luck out there - if you win the big prize, we want to hear from you.

Missions and future visions

Mission: casinoslotsmania must be the leading casino guide in Scandinavia.

Objective: The casinoslotsmania is that it should be a place you can go as brand new or already active online casino player. Here you will find information, tips and guides to the casino games you have interest in. You must be able to read reviews of the casinos we have accepted as partners, read about current promotions and welcome bonuses and progressive jackpots.

At casinoslotsmania the user (yes, it's you, we think), being in the center and it should be interesting for you to return. We want to enable you, and it may be through competitions, user generated content as reviews, open questions and our forum.

We would like to entertain and guide you in the best way. Are you ready?


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