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Cookies bij casinoslotsmania

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored locally on your computer so our site a number of measures it has taken to recognize earlier.

Are cookies dangerous?

Cookies can not be used to harm your computer, but they can be used to store your personal information.
So we can include the IP address of the computer or the geographic location for analysis of our target audience.
Cookies are not dangerous!

How do I avoid cookies?

If you do not want your data to be stored, most browsers to disable cookies.
Here we refer to a number of pages that explain how:

Internet Explorer (Microsoft)

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Be aware that if you disable cookies, add written to can no longer operate some of casinoslotsmanias functions.
This explanation for sorting tools on casino slot mania.

What will casinoslotmania cookies do?

Have you seen our cookies before?

If you have entered this page Cookies, probably required, then you have our pop-up warning that we use unchecked cookies.
In fact, we use a cookie, just to see if you have received this warning earlier. If you heeftt already received, there is no reason to show it again.

Analysis of our visitors

We also use cookies for analysis of all those who visit our site. In this way we can optimize the content to the right audience and ensure that the important contents are displayed on the page.

We store the following personal information :. Ip address, Gerografische location, time spent on the page, and the page you visited on casino slot mania

Sort Tools

Every time one of our sorting tools used, we use a cookie to store, so it sort still works when you come back to the same page.


Denne side bruger cookies til at gemme data på din computer.
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