There is a new online casino by name; Omni Slots!

They put the focus on the slots...

This online casino you should definitely go and visit

There is a new online casino by name; Omni Slots!


Huge choice in slots

They put the focus on the slots. And they are a huge choice. From the classic slots to video slot with 3D animation. Nothing boys Omni Slots crazy. They have chosen top quality slots and slots and do not do it for less than this quality on all fronts.

The website looks at their best and very uncluttered, the games are fantastic, customer service is always available. Which is an online casino that is just online, but before going to the top of the online casinos and it is almost inevitable that they will succeed.

The name says it all

Omni Slots what if we were to translate it from Latin would mean all slots. In other words, every slot machine that you can imagine you can find at Omni Slots. To ensure this, they have chosen two excellent software providers, Betsoft

If first there is Betsoft. Betsoft we know from their spacious and great choice in software for iGaming. This is a software that, how could it be otherwise than at an online casino called have specialized in video slots. They have over 150 video slot games in different variants. They are the software provider to work with 3D grafics and it can also very good. Actually, you two terms Betsoft 3D and not say without each other. For 3 years they are concerned with the development and launch of iGaming games for smartphones and tablets. But besides the video slots they offer a total package which also 3D poker, virtual horse racing and lots of other fun games are indispensable. With the choice of to include Betsoft we already know that we can go there great games to play.


The second software provider where has chosen is Endorphina. And with this software provider they have a company with a very nice pun in the name. Endorphina derived endorphins and this is a substance which we humans are happy to be. We can get by going running for example, but also by eating chocolate in any event, this fabric to women. And here these software provider has its name from and makes games so we are happy with. In Endorphina we can find slots in all shapes and sizes, from the more classic slots to video slots. They offer a wide choice of, to slots that are slightly different than many we seen.In the future they want to go even expand their range of traditional slot machines and will therefore here an additional software provider is necessary.

And it can not be otherwise than they are here also will choose topkwaliteit.OmniSlots welcomes every player in a very pleasant way. So you get a 100% welcome bonus and 50 free spins! In addition, the customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This Omni Slots shows to be happy with any player and they will take care of this so well.



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