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Bigbang Casino

Two times a week freespins at Bigbangcasino

On tuesdays and fridays freespins ongoing promo

Get an even chance on 200 extra freespins here one of the best promo's around at the moment.

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Bet365 Casino

High Rollers Welcome Package!

20 Free spins every day at sign up and a Cashback bonus up to € 500

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Online Casino Promotion Calendar

An Online Casino Promotion Calendar is usually packed with special daily, weekly and monthly casino promotions. Focused on solid players or the promotion of new games and software. Keep track of the best deals and casino promotions through our Casino Forum and social media.

Bonuses come in all shapes and sizes and you can not name it, or there's probably a bonus or special casino action devised. Olympics, a World Cup bonus or just a bonus for the slow Sundays, swift Friday, or Christmas promotion. At any time of the year, the Online Casinos behind the scenes of their time probably already far ahead.

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Prices can range from additional free games to package holidays to the sun. To keep abreast of the latest casino promotions check your course regularly promotion calendar of your online casino. At our casino forums and via our social media, we follow these developments closely, and you're also welcome to register here

In the world of online casinos, the casino players are lavishly pampered with various bonuses and promotions. First of all, the online casinos offer you a bonus to play at the online casino, which they do often in the form of a multiplier of your first deposit based on a percentage.

Additionally's in the promotion sometimes the same bonus based on your second and third deposit. But because all those online casinos obviously like you to many long and continues to play and you do not switch to the competitor they offer you all promotions to remain faithful to the online casino.

These promotions are often more interesting than the original bonus that you received when you play for the first time at the casino because with these promotions you can win trips to luxury resorts, free spins with new games so you to can try risk free , special cash back action, online casino tournaments and much more.

It is therefore absolutely very smart to try different casinos and get maximum benefit from the different promotions of the different casinos but it is important to understand how these bonuses work and if there are small print so that the bonus might be not what it seems. The maxim is, as with so many things, if it seems too good to be true then it is often not true. And therefore Casinoslotsmania wrote extensive comments, to ensure that our casino players make the right decision and choose the online casino that works best for him or her.

With the help of learn where you get the best to play offcourse this depends on your own preferences, so one player will prefer free spins while the other players prefer to receive the highest possible deposit bonus. Fortunately, there are plenty of online casinos and we all spotted them!


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